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New. IV Iron?
Apr 24, 2014
Hello. I'm new.
I have a question.
Last year I was anaemic with a low HB and everything else. I wasn't put on iron tablets for at least six months after I've got told I was anaemic. I was on 325mg dose of something three times a day. They gave me tummy side effects, so the doctor reduced the dosage to once a day. then after a week, I stopped taking them without the advice of my doctor. That was at least 14 - 18 months ago.

Two weeks ago, I saw my doctor about something unrelated. She said I didn't look too well and would like me to have a blood test. I agreed. I got the blood results last week and everything was in the normal range, including my HB. However, my ferritin was extremely low. She said dcotors like it to be between 20 - 500. Mine came back 12.

I was told by the lady who told me my blood results to make an appointment with my doctor to talk about my results.

I haven't made an appointment yet.

I'm scared. I DO NOT want to be put on iron tablets again. I hated them. I won't take them if they give them to me. I don't want to take them three times a day, everyday for six months. I barely managed to take my other medication everyday. I would rather have an IV iron infusion, at least that won't be everyday. Can you have an iron infusion with just low ferritin and normal HB to build up your iron stores?

I want to sort my iron stores out though, badly. The tiredness is stupid. I sleep for 12 hours and then within 2 hours, I'm ready to go back to bed again. I've got no energy and feel so urgh at the time.

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