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I am new to this board. I was diagnosed with Iron Deficiency Anemia 2 weeks ago. My blood test show that my iron was very low at 3 and my blood count at 9.8. I am taking the iron pill supplement now. I have to take 2 pills a day. The iron pill haven't upset my stomach because I take it with orange juice. I just had constipation problem but it is getting better. I got an emergency blood transfusion done on March 5th because my blood count was low at 5. I started to get heavy bleeding from my menstrual period couple months ago. It was making me sick and weak. It also cause my blood count to go low. I had a bad case of anemia 4 days ago due to my menstrual period. I start to get dizzy and short of breath. I couldn't breath and thought I was going to throw up at the hospital. Blood came out from under my pad to the floor. I lost 1 pint of blood. My blood count went down to 8. The nurse had to put me on Depo Provera birth control shot by iv to stop the bleeding. She told me that I was losing too much blood. She also told me that I got a small fibroid in the left ovary that was causing me to bleed a lot of bloods. The bleeding did stopped right away. I started to feel better and I won't get a menstrual period for 12 weeks now. I had lost some weight from being anemic. I think this will be a long recovery for me to get my blood count back to 12. I was told that I am better off to have the hysterectomy surgery to have a better blood count. I just want to be healthy and gain my weight back that I lost due to anemia.

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