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I've had bad palpitations and insomnia for a couple of years. about 1.5 yrs ago i took a blood test and my iron was below reference range, hence deficient. Doc gave me Feramax 150 (iron polysachride... which i think is something like heme iron)...

I took it on and off throughout the year, reason i stopped taking it is because of side effects.

Anyway im wondering does this stuff eventually work? Because i hear some people say they feel way better when they take the iron, on the day that they take it. I dont feel better on the day that I take it. But sometimes if I take a full dose for 3 days i feel bad and everythings worse, and if i stop taking it, a few days later some of my symptoms are improved. but the symptoms come back and its so darned confusing

sometimes i just take 50 mg instead of 150, because 150 is too much in a day. will this eventually make my symptoms go away? its so frustrating.

I also feel the iron works far better if taken with a [B]vitamin A[/B] supplement (animal source)

BTW. My iron level did improve over that 1.5 yrs, it went from 20 to 37... but it appears that i should be at 80 instead. Do you think my palpitations. / tachycardia and insomnia will improve if i keep taking the supplement?

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