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I think the tinnitus could be caused by low iron. I definitely have problems sleeping as well as anxiety when my iron is low. It also makes sense that symptoms are getting worse after your period. I find that I get weaker and have more symptoms the week before my period.

So take your iron! You won't overdose on 110 mg with a ferritin of 8. My doctor had me on 300 mg of elemental iron at one point and I didn't overdose. You don't absorb all of the iron you take. I know that my doctor considers a ferritin of 8 to be borderline anemic, even with normal hemoglobin. So get those numbers up!

If you are worried about side effects with your iron pill try a different type. There are many types available and everyone reacts differently. I couldn't take ferrous gluconate, or polysaccharide iron, so now I'm taking proferrin, a heme iron source. I am only taking 33 mg per day and I'm doing way better than I was on the 300 mg dose.
Tinnitus is not permanent when caused by deficiency! And you NEED to be taking iron. People lose blood through their gi tract and become anemic that way, and these are small amounts! So having even a light period when your ferritin is 8 can bring it down and make you feel worse! Iron can have side effects, but not tinnitus. It makes my feet and hands hot if I take too much, and I have GI issues with it, but I'll take that over my other symptoms any day, which are brain fog, dizziness, feeling disconnected and out of it, lethargy, fatigue, depression, anxiety, unrefreshing sleep, tremors, tingling, and basically feeling like death!
So please, take your iron. Since it takes a long time to get your numbers up, symptoms may pop up/get worse before you start to feel better. It is not an immediate effect at all, so be patient. It takes months to a year. just keep asking to get your ferritin check every few months to make sure your numbers are getting better. Good luck!

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