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My ferritin was 8, I had only fatigue and brain fog symptoms. I started taking ferricon caps 110mg (1 a day) with OJ. I started to feel a little bit better, I had one good day then had to lay around the next. I thought things were going well then I had my period which was way lighter than normal (usually VERY heavy and lots of clots) After my period, I developed ringing in my ears. Its really scaring me. I thought maybe I was having a reaction to iron or somehow went into overload? I stopped taking iron and called my doc. She doesn't believe ferritin means anything so she just said stop taking iron and call me in a week.
In the meantime I can't sleep, the ringing is getting worse, my anxiety is through the roof. I read tinnitus is permanent. I can't handle the ringing much longer. Someone please tell me what I should do!!! I can't find a doc that will take me serious. I feel like this is related to the low ferritin and not the supplement but I'm really scared of over dosing especially since my doc doesn't care if I take supplement or not. HELP! I feel like i'm drowning in this ringing and I will go completely insane!
I think the tinnitus could be caused by low iron. I definitely have problems sleeping as well as anxiety when my iron is low. It also makes sense that symptoms are getting worse after your period. I find that I get weaker and have more symptoms the week before my period.

So take your iron! You won't overdose on 110 mg with a ferritin of 8. My doctor had me on 300 mg of elemental iron at one point and I didn't overdose. You don't absorb all of the iron you take. I know that my doctor considers a ferritin of 8 to be borderline anemic, even with normal hemoglobin. So get those numbers up!

If you are worried about side effects with your iron pill try a different type. There are many types available and everyone reacts differently. I couldn't take ferrous gluconate, or polysaccharide iron, so now I'm taking proferrin, a heme iron source. I am only taking 33 mg per day and I'm doing way better than I was on the 300 mg dose.

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