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It's been about 5 weeks since my Venofer infusions (5 infusions over the course of 1 week). I felt pretty good 1-2 weeks after the infusions were over and since then it's been going downhill. I'm getting dizzy when standing up and feel fatigued all the time again. I had my labs done a week ago and here are the numbers (number is "" is the before):

Iron "46" to 111 (25-156mcg/dL)
TIBC "550" to 449 (250-450 mcg/dL)
Iron Saturation "8" to 25% (20-50%)
Transferrin "440" to 359 (202-364 mg/dL)
Ferritin "5.7" to 83.2 (8-252ng/mL)
RBC "3.34" to 3.74 LOW (4-5.2M/mcL)
HGB "10.8" to 11.8 LOW (12-16 g/dL)
HCT "30.8" to 35.3% LOW (36-46%)

As you can see my numbers have improved, but I'm still borderline on the iron indices and low on the RBC/HGB/HCT. My hemo was pleased with the increase in my numbers but did say they usually increase a bit more with the amount on Venofer I received. My guess is that in another 4 weeks my body will have gone through most of the iron stores and all my numbers will be showing anemia. If you have had Venofer infusions it would be great to know how your labs changed.

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