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Were you taking oral iron supplements in the meantime? I have read that some people continue taking about 200mg of elemental iron per day to maintain their iron stores. One user said that she can keep her iron up with this and not depend on iron infusions. I think I am going to try to do that. My ferritin was 240 few days ago, but since then I have received 2 more infusions and I think it may be in 300 now. I am feeling much better but I am at loss because it seems I will have to keep my ferritin above 300 to have other numbers (iron, saturation rate, TIBC etc) in the normal range. Here are my numbers:

50-200 ng/mL

9/17/14 7
10/28/14 19
1/5/15 81 -- Immediately after first set of 5 infusions
3/2/15 97 -- Here I am starting to feel terrible again, so I retested
3/17/15 167 -- Got 1 more and tested
3/30/15 230 -- Got 2 more and tested
--I received 2 additional ones since that last test and I am finally feeling better. I suspect my ferritin is in 300s now.

20-50 % (first number)

30-160 ug/dL (second number)

240-450 ug/dL (third number)

10/28/14 -- 8 27 336
3/2/15 25 -- 67 269
3/17/15 -- 22 53 245

I suspect that cause of my iron deficiency is heavy periods, 2 kids born within 2 years and (perhaps) prolonged breastfeeding for the second kid. I don't know...Anyway since identifying this problem I got Mirena so my periods have stopped but I am still having problems maintaining my iron levels.

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