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I have been having symptoms of anemia, like requent headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath and increased heart rate when I go up the steps, etc. I had a CBC that showed ferritin of 3 but hemoglobin 11.2 (minimum 11.1). My hematocritc was normal along with Platelets, WBC, etc.

These are the values:

[B]Ferritin, Serum 3 Low[/B]
Hemoglobin 11.2 Normal (minimum 11.1)
Hematocrit 36.0 Normal (minimum 34)

Transferrin 395 High
Rdw 16.1 high
Mchc 31.1 Low
Mch 22.7 Low
Mcv 73 Low
Iron, Serum 22 Low
Iron Saturation 5 Low
Uibc 421 High

I went to a hematologist to get IV iron infusions because I have IC (Painful bladder syndrome) and I wasn't able to tolerate the ferrous sulfate. The hematologist said I should not have these symptoms just because my ferritin is low and said it's because of my anxiety ( I do suffer from bad GAD and health anxiety)

Does anyone have symptoms with low ferritin but almost normal hemoglobin?
blood tests show what is going on in your blood at one point in time and any low numbers shouldn't be taken lightly as they could be dipping lower when blood isn't being drawn.
Your body will always try to its best to keep your hematocrit and hemoglobin levels at good levels, it isn't until your stores are completely gone that your body just won't be able to keep them up.
If your hematologist thinks a ferritin level that low is acceptable find another hematologist, because this one is an idiot. Seriously.
As much as docs proclaim they know, they don't really know how low iron affects the body since most studies are only done on clinically anemic patients. There has been a study on the effects of iron supplementation on fatigued women with low ferritin without anemia and there was marked decrease in fatigue for these women after taking supplements. Also, another study showed that most people with ferritin levels below 20 had little or no iron in their marrow, where red blood cells are made. Deficiency should not be taken lightly. Too many doctors do. They aren't trained in nutrition. Its sad and scary.
When you look at the range given by the lab you can see that it is extremely wide. Surely someone with ferritin at 100 will feel much different than someone with a level of 6! Its pretty logical.
Take charge of your own health and keep supplementing until your levels are above 50. I have read and been told by my neurologist that this is an OPTIMAL level. After you reach 50, if you are a menstruating women, you should supplement slightly less daily bc of the loss of blood each month.
I have struggled with symptoms for months and have gotten 12 different answers from 12 different docs. I have realized they really don't know a lot about medicine and more importantly nutrition. If you are lucky enough that have high blood pressure or diabetes your are in good hands, but otherwise, they have no clue.

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