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Hi I posted this lastnight but it didnt post for some reason :(
I would probably get a second opinion or a new doc. My numbers are close to yours and my doc is very upset abut the levels.

My numbers are:
Hemoglobin 10.4 low

hematocrit 32.8 low

mcv 78 low

mch 24.6 low

mchc 31.7

rdw 19.3 High

ferritin, serum 6

my iron was 28

i am having the same symptoms as you with some added such as my hands and feet tingle or have pins and needles. Insomnia and restless legs. to mention a few. He said as long as the numbers are at the range i will feel bad. 13 or above is better than being on the low side.
I have had this problem for awhile and didnt realize it.
I went from eating mostly chicken as far as meat to eating alot of red meat and tried molasses and adding more greens but its not enough to get it up.
I have a very sensitive stomach so i had trouble with the prescribed Iron and had to go to a slow realese called Ferrous-Sequalls so far i am doing ok with it.

I hope you get better soon and if you are having all those symptoms your doc needs to take it seriously or you need to find someone who will...just my opinion.:)

I hope you post again so i can keep up with how you are doing :)

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