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Hi again,

I'm not a doctor, but your numbers do not seem to me to be really that far out of range, except for maybe your serum and saturation iron. But I don't see anything indicating "dangerous" levels, so I can understand your doc not being too concerned.

However . . . the symptoms you describe could be related to your low iron levels, either losing it or malabsorption. Iron supplements do sometimes take awhile to kick in and change your numbers. Possibly this is what your doc was referring to by suggesting you wait a few months?

Do you eat meat? The iron in meat is absorbed more efficiently than that found in plants or supplements. Certain medications (and foods) can also interfere with absorption. Supplements that can help with iron absorption are: Vit. C, B12, and folate.

Also, are you indicating lengthy menstruation periods? If so, have you seen a gynecologist? Might be helpful to do so.

I hope your symptoms do abate down the road. If they don't, maybe a second opinion would be in order.

Best with this,


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