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[QUOTE=ubmuaer;5292207]Just went for a physical and got results back. It took me one whole year to increase ferritin from 3 to 22 (and I heard it should be 50+ for optimal health). I just did oral supplements though.

Iron saturation - 16 (normal is 20-55)
TIBC is 525 (228-428)
Hemoglobin increased from 11 to 12.9, so that looked good.

Doctor said I was fine. Didn't tell me to continue/discontinue iron supplements. Would you take a stronger dose? I read from other messages that people can increase their ferritin quite a bit in just a few weeks.[/QUOTE]

Hi! I don't know much about reading blood panels yet, but I've definitely been reading about iron supplements. All supplements are not created equal. If you are taking a synthetic iron pill, it doesn't break down enough to allow your body to absorb it correctly. That's why I've switched to RAW iron by Garden of Life. It's a whole food iron that my body is thanking me for as I type this. I'm feeling much better and I noticed a difference in energy the first day I took it. I also take organic blackstrap molasses by Plantation which is helping with my menstrual cycle as well as iron levels.

Foods like liver, beef, and other dark meats is the fastest way to build levels. Plant based foods are good, but not as quick to build blood like red meats. If you don't have a healthy diet or a plan to increase iron levels other than the average iron pill, then prepare to stay disappointed. I hope my two cents help anyone who reads this!

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