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To cut a long story short, I've had low iron levels for most of my life. For the past 8 years I've suffered with low energy, breathlessness, pains in my legs and burning feet. I have also developed mental health problems over this time which have slowly gotten worse. My depression and anxiety has caused me to loose jobs and cause me and my family concern.

Whilst picking up my anti depression meds from a nurse practitioner at my surgery, she asked me if anyone had tested my bloods lately as many depression symptoms could be an deficiency, she ordered a FBC as well as my vit d and b 12 to be tested.

My results were as follows;

"B12/folate level"
serum vitamin B12- 172 (174-1132) *low
Serum folate - 3.8 (4.2-18.7) *low
Serum ferritin - 10 (13--150) *low
Serum vitamin D - 20 (50-120) low*

MCH 26.9 (27.3-32.6) *low
MCV 84.4 (82-98)

I have been prescribed vit d, folate and ferritin. I need to go to my doctor on monday to discuss vitamin b12 injections.

Im relieved in one sense as I've been ill for so long that i have forgotten what it feels like to feel well.
After reading the 'could it be vit b12 ' book I'm concerned that my grandmother suffered depression and nerves most of her life and died of dementia and stomach cancer.. Which is associated with low vit b12. This deficiency could be hereditary?
I have no idea how else i could be so deficient as i have a good diet. I have had incidences of burning sensations in my stomach at times?

Could anyone share their knowledge? Comment on my results?

Sorry for long post


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