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Hi Ms. Nancy! There are so many members who are more knowledgable than me. However, just from things I've been reading over the last five months, a deficiency is most likely the cause of so many illnesses today. Low ferritin for so long can do a lot of harmful damage to the body. It takes equally as long to build it back up to optimal (not normal) levels.

There are many things you can do to feel better. Take a good quality probiotic for your gut, drink up to half your body weight in water, find a whole foods iron that your body will absorb like Garden of Life RAW Iron (also contains b-12), get off of caffeine and if possible, gluten. Make unsulphured organic blackstrap molasses your daily coffee or tea since its chock full of minerals that the body can absorb quickly. Also, take a good quality multivitamin that has vitamin D3. Synthetic pills don't break down fast enough for our bodies to absorb them before they leave our systems.

Just my very valuable two cents. I hope you feel better soon!

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