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What is correct B12 therapy for newly-diagnosed?
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My mom (70-year-old, over weight, slightly or increasingly diabetic) was found to be anemic during a blood test about 6 weeks ago, and I believe that either as part of that test or a followup test was shown to have low (or no?) b12.

She has been tired for some time, back and knee pain, etc. She had a single b12 shot some time ago (maybe a year or two ago) - b12 shots seem to be something that GP's (family doctors) give to old people when they complain about being tired.

Anyways, my mom had an "attack" (don't know what else to call it) when her skin gets cold/clamy/sweaty, some sort of pain or discomfort or pressure in the chest, rapid heart rate (120 bpm is what I measured) yesterday. She has had a handful of these attacks over the past few months. It practically incapacitates her, she must sit or lay down, and the rapid heart rate persists for at least 1/2 hour. Detecting a pulse in her wrist or neck by finger or automatic pressure cuff was practically impossible. After this attack she is much better - as if it didn't happen.

So she was diagnosed with pernicisous anemia about 5 or 6 weeks ago, and up until yesterday she has had only 3 b-12 injections.

I did some research when I first learned of the diagnosis and (correct me if I'm wrong) but the typical / universal treatment pattern is 1 shot once a day for 7 days, followed by 1 shot each week for a month, and then some sort of maintanence dose once a month indefinately.

How critical is it that a newly-diagnosed person receive this accelerated dose pattern upon initial diagnosis?

And why can't the patient self-inject these doses? The bottle of b12 (that my mom has at home and has taken with her to the doctor) says "for administration by physician". Clearly if she was instructed to inject it herself, on a more frequent schedule that more practical to do at home, she would have.

I also don't believe she has been getting sufficient followup (blood testing) that is inline with trying to correct the anemia as rapidly as possible once this diagnosis has been made.

Is her B-12 replenishment schedule sufficient in your opinion?

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