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My Experience
Jun 13, 2014
I just wanted to post my experience with iron/sucrose infusion for anyone having one in the near future, I know how nerve wracking the unknown can be so this will be positive. Before I went in for my appointment at the hospital, I'd had my fill of negative and unnerving posts, and although I realize a lot of people have the need to tell their tale of horror sometimes, it's hard to walk into an appointment without dread after reading them.

I walked in the hospital early morning, was escorted to a recliner and my vitals were taken, as a matter of fact I was closely monitored the entire time I received the iron/sucrose I.V. and they continued to check them every half hour. I brought a book with me, which I didn't get around to reading, I chose to watch t.v. even though it had two channels only, it was a distraction, the wait was long as the I.V. drip goes in slowly. I had a chat with the person beside me, but because I was there for 4 hours, I saw a lot of people come and go as they were receiving I.V. pain medication.

My only problem, and keep in mind not everyone has this problem, was that my hand started to have some mild pain where the I.V. was and they said maybe the solution was irritating my vein, so they simply slowed the drip down and that did the trick, I was quite comfortable again after that. Later they asked if I would like to slowly have the drip bumped up again, or else I'd be there a few extra hours and I decided to go ahead with that. I felt maybe a slight aching but it was tolerable and I wanted to get out of there a little faster.

I found the nurses very attentive, and they are nearby for questions even though they are always busy, and everyone was very closely monitored. I've read that some people having this done are also given Benedryl, I didn't receive any of that, I think that's what makes people feel very drowsy and out of it afterward, even dizzy I'd say, so I'm glad that they didn't automatically do that, instead they administer a test dose to check for iron allergic reaction which I think is far better.

When I left I felt about the same, no better no worse for wear, I hear that you won't know how successful the infusion was until a few weeks or possibly a month later. I'd say that the only minor aggravation was my sore hand and arm afterward, but how bad can it be when I'm still doing groceries for my mother two hours after? Today it's still a bit sore, but much better then yesterday. So I'd say with the exception of that and the long wait, that was as scary as it so really no drama involved.

I just wanted to create a positive and non scary light for those that might be looking for comfort before their infusions. Good luck to all!!

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