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Jay13 what were/are your symptoms of low ferritin? And what was your ferritin level? My doctors always passed off my anemia until I took it upon my self to get an iron panel done through direct labs. My ferritin was 15! Not exactly in range! I have been trying to get a dx aside from just iron deficiency for my chronic fatigue, near fainting spells, general malaise and muscle aches for about 7 months now. Oh, I also have bad persistent headaches and dizziness. All my tests keep coming up negative but I am having a hard time believing that low iron can cause all this, especially because I started supplements and got my ferritin up to 26 with normal hemoglobin and hematocrit numbers and I still feel so crappy and sometimes worse! It makes you doubt the iron is the problem. I have read that optimal levels are above 50 and the range is so wide because most people are deficient and that's what the range is based on. Curious what your levels are and what they were at when you started feeling better?

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