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Hi! Let me start out with I'm new to all of this and my doctors been a complete... Butt.. And has blown me off and suggested that my kids are making me depressed. So she's not one I can turn to for answers. As we are military just changing doctors isn't easy... But is possible. So I feel like crap.. Energy gone.. Hair loss.. Tingling hands.. Diarrhea.. Heavy periods.. Feels like my heart skips a beat at times.. Dizzy upon standing.. And so on.. My labs were drawn and are as follows

Iron 208 (28-170)
Transferrin 334 (180-380)
Ferritin 18 (11-307)
MCH 34 (27-31)
Mcv 97.5 (81-99)
Vit D 15 (30-100)

Sshe is not concerned with my iron being high and dismissed it. What can cause my iron to be high and ferritin so low?
Are you supplementing with iron? Sometimes serum iron may show high if you are and ferritin will still be low. I would take some vitamin D to get those levels up and retest. It might just be a fluke. if its not I would see a hematologist. The symptoms you have could be the low ferritin but if you have some disease process going on like an autoimmune disorder your iron levels may not reflect properly. I have similar symptoms but my ferritin is low and my iron is higher but not out of range and I think that may be due to my taking supplements.
If you just started on iron supplements or vitamins with iron, your iron could be high and ferritin low. Your iron could be high too if you take high Vit C supplements. I would not worry about that, but I would make sure you get your Vit D supplemented to bring it up to normal. Is your blood count normal? No anemia? Your MCV is not where I would expect if you were iron deficient (usually is low), so maybe your folate and Vit B12 should be measured too, and an ANA just to be sure the fatigue and hair loss are not related to an autoimmune disorder. I hope you get some more things checked out to find out why you feel so bad. Your heavy periods could be depleting your ferritin.

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