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It took about 3-4 months to stop the shaky feelings and the RLS and most other symptoms. I was VERY strict about when/how I took the supplement. First, I switched off of the slow release to a normal ferrous sulphate because the slow release did not seem to be working. I would take two a day, always on an empty stomach with vitamin C. I did not eat any food or drink coffee or tea 2 hours before to 1 hour after I took the supplement. It sucked because I could not have my morning coffee until at least an hour after I woke up but oh well I think that definitely helped.

Unfortunately, it actually seems that I have now reached a plateau. I still have brain fog most days. That only stopped for a couple of months. I am now also super tired again and have the weird RLS again, but definitely not as bad. I too have a lot of hair loss. I literally have hair balls around my house like I'm a dog or something lol. I think I've read that the ferritin has to be over 70 for hair to stop falling out.

I definitely think most doctors have no idea about ferritin. After countless tests and tons of money I finally saw a neurologist who diagnosed the low ferritin. Before that, I just had many doctors giving me anxiety meds and referring me to psychologists. I am an anxious person, but I know my body and know it was not anxiety.

I really think that my problem has to do with digestive issues. I don't think I have any bleeding issues but I don't think I absorb many things well. Most of my dinner comes out almost the same way it went in (TMI?). Anyway, I think if you are strict about not eating or drinking things with tannins/caffeine around when you take the supplement and if you take it with Vit C you will hopefully start to see a significant difference in 3-4 months.

Oh one more thing... I had a food allergy test and avoided for a month a huge list of foods that I am supposedly allergic to. It helped so much! My digestive issues were all but gone and I think I started absorbing the iron better. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to follow this list contains corn...everything has corn in it! But perhaps look into something like food allergies that may be hindering your absorption of iron. I also heard the celiac is a big cause of iron deficiency. I tested negative for that thank God.

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