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49 year old white male 210lbs 6'1"

iron serum 19UG/DL, Unsaturated IBC 426, calculated iron sat 4%.

Has angular chellitus.
Sore tongue
Cold hands feet
Just about all symptoms

EGD good colonoscopy 5 polyps none looked like bleeder.

Small bowel series/follow through normal.

Severe fatigue tired no energy no matter how much sleep I get,headaches insomnia mental fog forgetting vision blurry at times.

Lichen planus.
Hemoglobin 11 ,
hematocrit 36.0 ,
MCV 72.7 fL ,
MCH 30.6 G /DL,
MCHC 30.6 H /DL ,
RDW 17.5%

I'm so tired I can't wake up some mornings and I have been late for work to many times.

What can I do to stop oversleeping

Going to see hematologist in about 10 days.



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