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Re: Confused!
Aug 3, 2014
I have been struggling with the same headaches and pain. If I do anything strenuous, my muscles ache for weeks and just don't recover well. Headaches are bad and persistent and bending over makes them hurt worse and I have also struggled with dizziness and brain fog.
I was sick several times last year and think it took a toll bc my iron was already low. As a women, my periods are to blame, but I was trying to go veg when all this started. My levels were only indicative of mild anemia but my actual iron stores were pretty low. They say that you only get symptomatic when you are anemic but I really doubt that someone with a ferritin level (iron) of 20 would feel as good as someone with a level of 100. The range is so wide and it is based on the populations results, which aren't necessarily healthy/optimal results. I am starting to resign to the fact that what is optimal for one person may cause numerous symptoms in another. Everyone is different and I think doctors forget that many times and depend too much on the numbers instead trusting your experience.

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