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I'm hoping some of you can shed some light on this for me!

Over the last 6 years on and off I've been told by the doctor that my B12 level was low. At the lowest it was measured in the 90s, I then went through a course of B12 injections over 2 weeks. After then I have had to go back to the doc if I have had symptoms and they send me for a blood test and when necessary an injection here & there (I had a B12 injection during my pregnancy also).

Recently I have been having symptoms again and like many times before I requested a blood test from my doc to check my B12 levels. This time he has refused. I was having a blood test for severe upper abdominal pain and he said that instead of checking my B12 too he has to see if I'm anaemic first. Is this right?

On the NHS website it says that you can have low B12 with or without anaemia, is that the case?

My blood test has come back fine-no action required (which I assume means no anaemia). Though the antibody test (requested due to the abdominal pain) hasn't been carried out by the lab (no idea why).

Meanwhile I'm also finding that my hair is in a horrible state, could this be due to B12 or some other deficiency of some sort? Not sure what to do next :(

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