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I am new to the forum. I have had a "mystery" illness for about 7 months and everyday is a struggle. I have had the whole gamut of tests run and nothing abnormal except slight anemia which docs pass off to menstruation. I took it upon myself to dive deeper and get my iron panel done and my ferritin was 15, not anemic but pretty darn low. I started supplementing and a few weeks later saw a hematologist that looked over my tests and said low iron without anemia can make you feel bad too. However my many other docs dispute this and upon retesting in range at 26 my docs definitely do not believe this is the cause of my symptoms.
My symptoms started with a bad persistent headache in February lasting 3 weeks with dizziness that persisted 6 wks. After, I became chronically tired and groggy, I get muscle cramps and knots easily that take weeks to subside. I feel malaised as if I have a virus, but no fever. I get spells of presyncope throughout the day regardless of being upright or sitting or walking. I am so run down I have had to quit my job and bc most testing has been done, I am left without a dx and feeling pretty hopeless. Some docs say depression, but all I want to do is work, sew, fix my house, run a marathon. I am mentally ambitious, but when I go to do things, my body just can't get with it. It sucks. Its beyond frustrating too when docs bring up depression. You know they are just stumped.

My question is has anyone with or without anemia had these symptoms and what was your ferritin level at the time of dx. Also what was your ferritin level at when symptoms started to subside? I have read that anything under 50 is treading on symptomatic territory but docs go by ranges which seem absurdly wide to me. How can someone with a ferritin of 90 feel the same as someone with a ferritin of 20. I would love to hear from anyone about your levels in correlation to your symptoms. Also wondering if any of you have experienced a lag in feeling better in comparison to your levels, ie. your levels are up but symptoms didn't quite go away as fast. Especially want to hear from those iron deficient without anemia folks. Thanks!

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