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Hi there, I had a blood test taken just over a month ago which came back as serum ferritin being 15, in UK the norm is (25-300) also serum folate 10.2 ug/l and serum vitamin b12 404 ng/l.
Since then I have been staying abroad and bought some OTC gentle iron (Ferroglobin) but in that time became extremely lethargic, no energy at all... hair started to fall out and other symptoms. So I had a private blood test, to check HB level, which surprisingly came back at 14.1 but ferritin in juat a couple weeks had dropped from 15 to 11. Everything else appears to be normal such as Hematocrit, RBC etc.
So I'm still extremely fatigued, when I stand for short periods of time my blood seems to drain from my head, and feel really sick like I'm going to collapse.
Hair is falling out bigtime! And sweating profusely... I heard you don't feel better until ferritin is in the 70's!!
Oh and I'm almost into 2 weeks of taking Floradix. As well as wanting to get the ferritin up I really would like to know what is causing it to drop as I don't really have heavy periods but I am vegetarian.

Anybody else have something similar?
Hey! Just thought I'd post an update! I've just had another blood test, since joining a new doctor surgery and they tested for full blood count, iron stores, B12 etc. Well my last blood results prior to this (end of July) showed a ferritin level of 11, it dropped from 15 in just 2 weeks, whilst I was taken an iron supplement Ferroglobin. So I was slightly worried why it dropped so fast. Since then my hair is falling out bigtime, I am surprised I have any left, although nobody else seems to notice other than me (unless they are just being nice).
I have been taking Floravital, which is a the other version of Floradix, except I noticed it had 19mg iron which is a little more than the 15mg in the Floradix, also it is gluten and yeast free, which I figured might absorb a bit better, even though I have never been diagnosed with any gluten intolerances.

So about 5 weeks later, I've just got my results for the latest blood test and it has all come back normal, no highlighted boxes, ferritin is 28! Which I am happy about, because it means it has gone up by 17 in just over a month! I never put my prescription in for Ferrous Fumerate from the doctor, and I think I will stick with this Floravital now... I had a feeling it went up a bit, as the heart palpitations calmed down as did the breathlessness from climbing stairs etc.
I do recommend Floravital, it seems to have a better absorption (which has been proven on my blood work)
Now I just need to see when my hair will reach a level where it stops falling out!

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