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I've been answering a lot of posts on here, so sorry if you are sick of reading my posts!lol. I have been struggling just like you! Now that I think back that past few years, I have been feeling somewhat tired yet always blamed it on my job. This past fall, I got literally every cold/virus that came around. I even got strep throat, which I haven't had since age 12! During this time I was thinking of going vegetarian and cutting out red meat and not eating meat much at all. In Feb I started getting persistent headaches (I don't get headaches). I ended up in the ER and all they found was that I was slightly anemic but didn't recommend I do anything about it. I ended up ordering my own iron panel, which you can do here in the states. My Ferritin was 15 and saturation was 13%. That is considered normal according to US labs. Yet a few docs you come across recommend ferritin be no lower than 50.
I think that I started cutting out meat at a bad time, when my iron was already low. I have fairly heavy periods, which I thought were normal. No doc ever asked about that or told me that I could become anemic because of them. Its aggravating! I feel a lot like you. I am very foggy brained, its weird. Its hard to function. I feel like my body is just giving out on me! I have headaches, feel out of it, muscle aches, can't get good sleep and feel like I am going to collapse most times when I am standing up. Its so scary! My iron has gotten up to 26 but I just had a heavy period and have about 14 tubes of blood taken last week that I am suspecting have made me feel worse. I am taking 325 mg ferrous sulfate 2x a day. I wish I could take more and get well faster! apparently it takes months to feel better because you have to give you body time to make new cells which takes around 100 days. Ugh!
So anyway, I feel for you. I think your diet may have to do with it. Although there is iron in veg, it is not absorbed as easily. So supplementing is def the way to go. You could also have absorption problems. Not sure what country your in but you may want to check for parasites.
I really hope you feel better. Keep posting. It would be nice to know at what levels others start to see improvement. I don't find that much on here. It would give me something to look forward too! Some times it feels like you'll never get better!

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