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[QUOTE=kalouise;5308997]I have been having issues with my Colon and need to get a colonoscopy but I have been feeling soooo bad that I keep rescheduling. But I really think you NEED the colonoscopy to get to the bottom of things. You have more than just IBS. I have read that crohns can cause malabsorption, as well as, don't freak, cancer. You could also be intolerant to gluten. So its important for you to get the colonoscopy. I would do that first before the endoscopy, because of your issues with stools. You literally have no iron in your system. Have you been supplementing with iron? If you can handle it you really need to! Don't wait and end up in the ER needing blood! Not sure how well you will absorb it but according to your RDW you aren't making consistent and healthy blood cells and are bound to get anemic very soon. Trying supplementing with some gentle iron and take vitamin C with it. Also, if you take any antacids they will inhibit iron absorption too, so you may want to lay off them if you do.

I have low iron too, all though my ferritin is up to mid 20s and I still feel like death. Optimal levels for ferritin are above 50. Ferritin is the most accurate indication of the iron you have stored in your body. Serum Iron isn't the best indicator but yours is low. Your TIBC is high which is also an indication that your body is struggling with the little iron it has. I take 325 mg ferrous sulfate 2x day with at least 500mg vit c. Don't eat dairy, coffee, tea for a few hours around taking it. I don't get gas, it just makes my stool black. I have to get a colonoscopy for constant pain in my lower right abdomen. I am hoping its just a random pain or a nerve, but we'll see.
Its also important when you get the colonoscopy that you stop supplementing 5 days before. Since you are so low, I would maybe supplement for a few weeks and then do the colonoscopy. You wouldn't want it to wreak havoc on your already compromised system.
Good luck to you! I hope you feel better![/QUOTE]

Hi, thanks so much for your reply! It does help. I have been this way for nearly two years with digestive issues and my iron has been dropping along with it. :( I am pretty health conscious and follow a mostly plant based diet. I've been told a lot throughout all of this that my iron being low was due to not eating enough meat, I still do eat chicken sometimes but do not eat red meat or fish. I've been taking iron 15mg (this is equal to 83%) of ferrous fumarate with vitamin C as this is all my stomach can handle. I was put on 325mg ferrous sulfate as well in the beginning but it really did a number on my stomach so I had to switch. My doctor said my iron should be going up even if just a little as I've been taking this for about 4 or 5 months but it's actually still dropping. I know that I will need a colonoscopy but always feel my worst when it comes time and have had to cancel in the past as well so I feel your pain! I've actually been banned from that gastro dr because of so many canceled procedures. The one I am seeing now only suggests the upper endoscopy. I've considered that I may be gluten intolerant or have celiac disease but I've been totally gluten free since March and do not notice a significant difference in how I feel. I still stay gluten free though anyhow. My hematologist wants to do iron infusions which I do agree that I need but has no interest in what the cause is. I'm not sure if I mentioned in my original post but I also have low vitamin d which I am also supplementing and have had low potassium in the past (2.3) for which I needed to get infused at the ER. Not sure if any of that is related at all but thought it might be worthy mentioning. Also, in the past when all of this started I did take probiotics but it made my diarrhea worse (how is that even possible?!) but I have not taken any since but would like to start again. Thank you for your reply again and sorry mine is so long!

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