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Any thoughts?
I've been anemic and now have low iron in the 20s. (ferritin) It seems like i suddenly developed eye bags just before i started supplementing and now they won't go away. I look sick! Not only do i feel like death, but now i feel like I've aged 20 years! It seems as through my tear troughs have deepened a bit and i have little bags above, not sure if they are fluid or fat, but they are very squishy to the touch, almost like a blister. My thyroid has been checked, TSH was.7 last time. I usually run around 1.2. Its not out of range.
All other bloodwork is fine. Docs keep saying its age, but how could they come on overnight like this and be aging? But docs also deny symptoms are from low iron. Anyone else suffer from bags or sick looking eyes with low iron? Btw, my eyes are not dark or bluish underneath. My tear troughs trend to be darker but more yellow or brownish. please let me know your experience! Thanks

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