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Thanks for the responses.

It wasn't my reg doctor who stopped my iron, I was in the hospital and that dr didn't really know my case. I probably shouldn't have listened to me.

So, I went back to the dr yesterday, and am now more frustrated than before. My hgb was 11.4! My iron was 43 (40-175). I was mistaken about having the ferritin checked. So, while I am slightly anemic, and my iron is just in the range of normal, my doctor and I both think that the anemia is not causing these symptoms.

B12 was 369 (200-1100). He said we could do some b12 shots, but that is probably not my problem, either. D was 33 (30-100). I am already on a significant amount of D. (10000+ units a week.) it used to be a 14, so 33 is pretty darn good for me. My thyroid is perfectly normal (free T3 is 3.6 with a range of 2.3-4.2), I am actually on thyroid medication (for depression, not hypothyroidism), so the concern there would be of hyperthyroidism. I also had my cortisol tested a few months ago. It was 12.7 for which the range is 4.6-20.6/1.8-13.6.

So, he has tested pretty much everything there is ( I have been to a heart specialist, a neurologist....) and there are lots more tests he has done as well. (I have dealt with some of these symptoms for over a year, just not this intense). I see my psychiatrist on Wed, and I am going to see if he thinks that this could be from my depression. I am very medicated for my depression, because it is that bad, and all the meds are actually energy boosting, so I don't know on that front. The dr also sent of a mono test, so we shall see. There doesn't really seem to be much left to check. :/

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