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Here are my lab results:
WBC 6.6 (4-10.8)
Ly 25.8 (20.5-51.1)
Mo 9.7 (1.7-9.3)
Gr 64.5 (42.2-75.2)
Rbc 3.74 (4.2-6.1)
Hgb 10 (12-18)
Hct 30.3 (37-52)
Mcv 80.9 (81-99.9)
Much 26.8 (27-31)
Mchc 33.1 (33-37)
Rdw 14.5 (12-15)
Plt 218 (130-400)
Mpv 8.2 (5-10)

My iron and ferritin were normal (don't have a copy of the results, just was told they are normal). Also, b12 and d are normal.

What kind of anemia does this look like? I DO have a history of iron deficient anemia, but my ferritin was like a 3.

Below are my symptoms. Saw the doc about a week ago, and symptoms are much worse than then. I am on an iron supplement.

Extreme exhaustion
Shortness of breath
Chest pains
Extreme lightheadedness/dizzy spells/near syncope

Basically I am hardly functional. I have gone home early and missed a couple days of work, because I literally couldn't do it. I have had to spend almost whole days in bed. Very small things wear me out. I was placing items in a box (that was on my lap) at work today and got weak and short of breath.

Does this not seem crazy for a hgb of 10?? I have been in the 8 range, and while I felt really, really bad, I was not this dysfunctional.

Also, I have been having the dizzy spells/lightheadedness/near syncope and some actual syncope for over a year. The drs are still trying to figure this out. They are a good deal worse right now.

Any thoughts or advice?
Were you saying your ferritin was 3 now? or 3 last time you were anemic? Even if your ferritin is higher or just in range, you could still feel horrible and run those numbers. We aren't machines and everyone is different. I also disagree with the doc that said to stop supplementing at 12. I have found that while supplementing my numbers are up, but my ferritin is still low. That doesn't mean you should stop. You will only lose any gain during your cycle. What is your ferritin now?
Really need to get that ferritin checked. You can order it yourself from an online lab. That's what I did. Iron is not a good reflection of your Iron stores. It can run high if you are supplementing. My iron was in the 60s but my ferritin was 15, which isn't that low but I was getting anemic. Docs mistakenly read iron instead of ferritin. It just shows how little they know. Sad.
Sorry it has been a while since I responded. I really appreciate all the suggestions and advice.

My mono (ebv) test showed a past infection, but no current one. They had to redraw it, because the first time it didn't get run... So I had them run a ferritin, also. It was 12. The nurse said he wanted me to continue my iron.

I am a little confused. While I didn't get his full opinion about that specific ferritin level, my friend, who is a doctor, says she thinks I need to see a hematologist and get iron infusions. However, besides reading what you guys say here about ferritin levels, the rest of the internet (medical sites), seems to point to my level as normal or barely low. I don't know if I can actually do iron infusions, due to finances and a very full schedule, but I kind of feel like I will get laughed out of a hematologist's office. The last one I saw, when I had a hgb of 8.8 and a ferritin of 4, really brushed me off. When I had a follow up and my hgb was 11, he "guessed" that my ferritin was a 30, and should be fine. They wouldn't even redraw it!! But, if I do go to one, I will be seeing someone else.

I haven't thought about or researched lupus at all... So I will do so, and see what my doctor thinks. Especially since we have no real clear cut reason as why I tend towards anemia. (By the way, my D levels have been a 14, I have had to heavily supplement to get that up--- over a year or more, actually.) I did have a gastric sleeve surgery, which we have suspected could cause absorption issues, but iron supplementation seems to help my hgb, especially, so I don't know if that is the true issue.
I understand that there is differing info online about ferritin levels. The fact is that

1. "ranges" that labs use are based on past tests, and guess what? Those people are usually not healthy! So they really aren't a proper demonstration of healthy levels!Studies have shown that iron deficiency is prevelant around the world, so even healthy people getting check could be low.

2. Within range is a lot different than "optimal"

3. Doctors a very limited in nutrition training. They react to medical problems and aren't in the business of keeping your health optimal. Most are not well versed in deficiencies, which is why they mistakenly check you iron rather than your ferritin. So if they don't know what test to order, why would you trust their opinion on the condition they are testing you for?

My hematologist has said that anything below 30 can cause fatigue.
12 is low. too low...and its showing up in your blood counts. It sounds to me like you have symptoms of anemia. I read a study that concluded that of those with ferritin under 20, at least half had 0 ferritin found in there bone marrow on biopsy.

Keep up the iron and hope you find some answers and get better!

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