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Ferritin is 5
Aug 19, 2014
I had RNY (weight loss surgery) 5 years ago. Admittedly I'm not very good at taking vitamins and supplements on a daily basis. It's hit or miss for me.

Last year my ferritin was 7. In April of this year, my ferritin had dropped to 5, so I made a commitment to comply with iron supplementation. Other numbers:

RED BLOOD CELL COUNT 4.71 3.80-5.10 Million/uL Normal
HEMOGLOBIN 12.5 11.7-15.5 g/dL Normal
HEMATOCRIT 38.7 35.0-45.0 % Normal
MCV 82.1 80.0-100.0 fL Normal
MCH 26.5 27.0-33.0 pg Low
MCHC 32.3 32.0-36.0 g/dL Normal
RDW 14.7 11.0-15.0 % Normal

I live with chronic fatigue, but I also have sleep disorders (a circadian rhythm disorder and obstructive sleep apnea), so I just figure the fatigue is related to my sleep issues.

Is a ferritin of 5 enough to go to a hematologist? I bought some Proferrin and have been pretty good with compliance in the past 6 months, sometimes I miss a day, but I try and take between 1-3 tablets a day. I see my GP next week for another issue and plan on asking for a blood draw.

In April when my doctor (GP) sent my lab results to me, they came with the following instructions: "Your iron stores are low. Your are not getting enough iron. You should increase your iron consumption by taking or increasing the dose of your supplement like SloFe, adding a 'Total' breakfast cereal daily, and eating more foods rich in iron."

Any advice or comments are welcome. Thank you.
Re: Ferritin is 5
Aug 30, 2014
[QUOTE=MountainReader;5313524]I can't answer fully, but can relate.

I found out about a month ago that my Ferritin was a 4. The doc has me on supplements and wants me to take supplements (which I have) and go back next month for more testing. She said if there wasn't much improvement that she was going to refer me to a Hematologist.

I was also diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency as well.

I'm not diagnosed with a fatigue disorder, but have had issues with fatigue which are what led to my diagnosis. The mornings are horrible for me.[/QUOTE]

How is your hemoglobin ? My ferritin is 11 but my hemoglobin is 14. I have chronic fatigue as well and mornings are the worst for me. My doctor however says that low ferritin is not the cause of my faitgue since my hemoglobin is excellent. My vitamin D levels are fine.
Re: Ferritin is 5
Aug 30, 2014
My Hematocrit was normal too at 39, but my Hemoglobin is low at 11.6. Like you, I have low MCH as well at 22.6. After my first set of labs, they called me to come back the next day for additional labs to determine my anemia was due to iron deficiency.

I was recently reminded that a couple years ago my father had needed some IV iron infusions. Time will tell if I need that, but it may be worth asking your GP about if the supplements and diet aren't working.

Are there any tricks that any of you have figured out to help deal with the fatigue, especially getting out of bed in the morning?

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