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Hello!!! Im new here and would like some help figuring out a situation I have had for a while. I have always been 'anemic'. Whenever, I get labs done my hgb, hct, MCV, MHC, MCHC are always low. And in order to deal with my anemia I always supplemented with iron. I just had a baby 3 months ago, and during my pregnancy I got very frustrated trying to understand my body. I came across a thallasemia test that I had ages ago and a light went off. I had been told all these years to just take extra iron and yet it could possible harm me, no way!!! Long story short, I stopped taking the iron.

Along with my fatigue, I have been having pain in my lower legs and arms on and off for many years. They normally only hurt during the night (so I thought it was RLS, even though I honestly have no idea). I also have hashimotos and while pregnant, started eating gluten again and my #'s went crazy. I am now back to being good :), so Im sure the high TPO's/Tsh will start to drop again.

Right now, im in pain (legs/arms hurts constantly...and more so when I press on the bone itself). Im also exhausted, tired, irritable and finding it very difficult to take care of my kids. I just want to be left alone.

I havent had good luck with doctors a lot of them just blame it on my period. But since I have been pregnant I havent been menstruating, so my concern is that my situation will get worse now. So I made an appointment to see a hematologist, but I just want to know a few things:

1. Is it possible to be iron deficient AND have thallasemia? How do you tell its IDA when you have thallasemia? Specific test?
2. Is it possible that the pain in my legs/feet and overall fatigue is due to my hashimotos?
3. Should I be concerned about the high platelet count? ( I have never tested high for that).
4. Is there anything else that I have missed? Any other labs I should get or any other things I should take into consideration?

My recent labs showed:
Heme 11 LOW (11.1-15.9)
MCV 77 LOW (79-97)
MCH 23.4 LOW (26.6-33.0)
MCHC 30.6 LOW (31.5-35.7)
Platelets 391 HIGH (150-379)

b12 905 (211-946)
folate 10.6 (>3.0)
b6 14.7 (2.0-32.8)
ferritin 42 (15-150)
magnesium 4.4 (4.2-6.8)

Thanks in advance :)

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