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I don't think hospitalization for anemia is very common except in extreme cases where hemoglobin drops very low. Your labs are similar to mine, they are just slightly better on Hgb, Hct, MCH, &MCV than mine. I have very similar symptoms re: depression, fatigue, tremors, numbness. Chewing ice is classic iron deficiency anemia and restless leg syndrome can be triggered/exacerbated by IDA. I also have heart palpitations and bc of this, my psychiatrist refuses to increase my adhd meds as she doesn't want to put more strain on my heart than necessary. I will begin iron infusions later this week or next and hopefully this time around my hematologist will try to figure out why I'm anemic instead of just treating my symptoms. I wish I could be put in the hospital for this. I'm exhausted and just want to know what the heck is wrong so I can be treated and begin to feel better! Hang in there!

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