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First post. Last week my fingers/hands began exhibiting a tremor and I started getting leg jerks. I saw my neurologist who ordered MRI's and I asked if he would check my magnesium. He agreed, and since he was ordering blood work for magnesium he decided to order other blood work then.

Lab results:
Hemoglobin: 8.8
Hematocrit: 30.7
MCV: 70
MCH: 20.2
MCHC: 28.7
RDW: 17.8

I was diagnosed with mod-severe anemia and told to come back in for blood work for iron.

My Iron and TIBC results came back & my neurologist said I have low iron & I should take iron tablets and come back in 3 months for blood work. I went ahead and found a PCP and made an appt which is in 2 weeks.

Iron, serum is 16 & Iron saturation is 4.

My question is, does anyone have any knowledge regarding if/when someone with similar test results should seek ER care for this condition or see another type of MD?

I also have narcolepsy, treated for depression, and chronic daily head pressure headaches so I just thought my fatigue and difficulty completing my work was related to these conditions until my hands/fingers started with the tremors and the leg twitches. Few months ago, word finding problems intermittently but nothing too alarming. Weird event last week when I couldn't think about how to do something I just did a minute before.

I have been eating ice for almost a year now. I love it so much, I put it in the blender to avoid problems with my teeth. I now read where this is a possible symptom. I also wake up in middle of the night sometimes and have to drink diet cokes or ice and cant stop myself. Started having intermittent issues with night sweats when dreaming but no real pattern as of yet.

Any comments or replies appreciated. Sorry, so long. It is easy to get side tracked these days.


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