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Please reply if you have any input at all!

40YO female, no periods thanks to BC, developed sinus infection/URI a month ago, was placed on 3 different antibiotics as it would not go away. Asked for CBC & D Dimer test as I was having leg pain and chest pain. CBC came back normal, D Dimer was elevated so I was referred to a Hematologist. Met with him 2 weeks ago, he said possible Lupus/Lymphoma, low ferritin. Thankfully results did not show Lupus or Lymphoma but ferritin was 30 and B12 was almost non-existent. I have GERD and take Nexium daily. Because of stomach issues doctor opted for iron infusion versus oral (not to mention I am suffering: weak, tired, dizzy, racing pulse, chest pains, leg pain, etc.) I had the infusion 4 days ago, a 4 hour infusion (whew). I failed to mention I have anxiety too so that was a bit stressful. Went for a CT scan with injection yesterday, all clear, chest x ray clear as well.

Wondering how long it will be before infusion kicks in? I had death headaches the first 2 days after infusion + a fever, was told those are side effects of the infusion. Now my BP is running low when it's always perfect. Last reading was 99/49.

Today I thought I would pass out (I am single and live alone) so my anxiety has skyrocketed. I felt nauseous, dizzy, just HORRIBLE.

If you have had the 4 hour, one time infusion, when did you start to improve? I am beginning to wonder if I should take leave from my FT job as I can barely function :( Some days are ok, but afternoon to evening is horrible.

ANY INPUT is greatly appreciated. I am all alone in this and need guidance and advice please.

I also looked into iron rich foods and started those today.

Please help.

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