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[QUOTE=ceci52;5324804]I've been severely anemic for several years. I had my first IV iron infusions when I was 8 months pregnant, two years ago. I've been anemic ever since.

July 2014
HGB 8.9
HCT 29%
Ferritin 2.7
Serum Iron 6
Saturation 1.3
TIBC 459
IBC, Unsaturated 453

Oct 2014
HGB 8.1
HCT 26.9%
Ferritin 3.0
Serum Iron 7
Saturation 1.6%
TIBC 448
IBC, Unsaturated 441

I'm depressed, moody, and exhausted all of the time - beyond single mom, chasing after a 2 year old tired. I can sleep 12 hours and wake up exhausted. My hair falls out by the handful, I have numbness in my feet and calves in the morning, always cold and occasionally I have numbness in my middle & ring fingers on my left hand and tremors in my right arm. Thyroid always comes back normal, but sister has Graves disease and mom has hypo-T. Also family Hx of Crohn's/colitis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, though the docs don't seem concerned about autoimmune. I've been on birth control and so I don't have a period anymore. I had hemorrhoid removal in Aug and while I do continue to have some minor bleeding 2-3x week (before surgery I had bleeding 4-6x/wk), I'm not convinced that this bleeding could be the cause for all of my symptoms.

I should see my hematologist in the next week. I'm afraid that it will just be another round of iron infusions and I'll be sent on my way. What questions should I ask? What should I be looking for?

Appreciate any advice you have to share.[/QUOTE]
Hi, I have been struggling with low ferritin for a long time. Mine is currently 30, took forever to get to that though. I just take oral iron. My hematologist tested me for celiac, lupus and other auto immune stuff. I had to have a colonoscopy to rule out crohns and any other bleed. You must ask for tests!! I have heavy periods so pretty sure that is what causes me to be low, also I don't eat meat. Please keep us posted. Even at my ferritin being 30 I still feel crappy and my hair still falls out.

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