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Hey all! I know there are a million of these threads, and I feel like I've read a million, but Im desperate for some knowledge and wisdom, seeing as how the ridiculous amount of doctors I've been to have been ZERO help. I had my son in 2011 and was told I was borderline anemic. He never mentioned taking a supplement and I felt fine so i completely forgot about it. In December of 2013 I had my daughter, followed by extremely heavy bleeding for 12 weeks afterwards, followed by heavy periods starting 3 months postpartum. I felt tired but okay until July of this year. I felt like I had a complete body shut down. At one point my heart rate which is usually mid eighties had dropped to the low 40s, my hair was falling out in handfulls it seemed like, my nails were peeling and chipping, I could barely lift my arms. Just a lot of fun, basically. I couldn't take care of my kids. Not to be dramatic, but I seriously thought I was on he brink of death. I had at least 5 doctors do blood work and tell me that everything as "normal" and that i probably was depressed! I Started taking 325 mg of ferris sulfate about three months ago and I have improved significantly. I am functioning, but still get the cold sweats and fatigue. I decided to get my blood tested again but this time get copies and do research on my own. My ferritin was 39, my TIBC was 350, iron sat 18%, iron serum 63. I thought for a while it was b12 deficiency seeing as how a lot of the symptoms are similar, but my b12 levels were at 1999 and my vit d was 112. I just want to know if any of you had similar test results concerning ferritin, and if so how much iron you were or are on. I've read that some of you wih low ferritin were taking 325 mg of ferrus sulfate three times a day. If that's the case then I should surely be taking more than one a day. I'm still trying to find a competent doctor, but in the mean time I'm hoping someone can help! Thank you, and sorry about the novel :/

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