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I've been having similar issues. When my Ferritin came in low like that a few months ago, they had me start on daily iron supplements.

I just had some labs this week and while my Hematocrit and Hemaglobin are ok, if a bit low, my Ferritin and iron absorption are still really low. They are referring me for iron infusions.

The way my GI doc explained it, the Ferritin represents your iron stores. If it stays low, eventually, your hemoglobin will start lowering too since you no longer have those stores to pull from.

My GI doc said the effectiveness of supplements really depends on the cause of the low iron in the first place. In my case, I have absorption issues that we are dealing with.

Good luck figuring things out.
Twice now (years apart), I've had significant hair loss after surgery. I was told from the 'trauma' my body had gone through. I was told it would be about 3 months before I was back to normal. I went in at the 4 month mark to my PCP and they did bloodwork for thyroid and a general panel. I didn't know I had iron/anemia issues at the time and didn't ask for my iron to be tested beyond the hemoglobin and hematocrit. It was gradual, but in my case the hair loss got better within a couple months after that. My big 'test' was how much hair I was losing when I showered.

I always ask tons of questions at my doctor visits. I learned a new lesson at my Gastroenterologist visit last month. He went back through years worth of testing to see if there was an apparent cause for my anemia, then discussed things with me more thoroughly. In my case, I'm taking PPI's at high doses long term which impacts my absorption. Also surgery I had 6 years ago for my reflux resulted in less stomach surface. Between the two things he told me I would probably need to be on iron for life or expect my ferritin to go back down over time. I see FOUR doctors/specialists for my reflux issues. This is the first time any of them mentioned the absorption issues with me in this manner. It really makes me wonder what other related health issues may pop up in the future because I'm not absorbing things properly.

My ferritin is up to 16 now and the clinic reads the results as normal, but my GI doc is referring me for Iron. I agree that it can really be an individual thing as to how we feel.

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