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My ferritin was 21 when I started taking supplements and my hemoglobin was normal. With a low ferritin, hemoglobin will start to drop and turn into full blown anemia. I had many other terrible symtoms besides just hair loss, so perhaps that's why I was told to start taking supplements, but a ferritin of 6 is extremely low and I think you really should start taking them. I took two 325 mg ferrous sulfate per day for the 1st 6 months and then one for the next 6 months. My ferritin, after a full year, is now 68. I have read that to stop hair loss, the ferritin should be over 70 (although a few people say 50). Either way, you are well below that! Quite honestly, I am shocked you only have that symptom and it probably is only a matter of time before you get others including debilitating fatigue, heart palps, dizziness, tingling, etc. so you should kick the problem in the butt now! I can't tell you how many specialist I saw until finally a neurologist told me that the issue was low ferritin! And it was 20...higher than yours.

Obviously, high ferritin is also problematic so if you do start a supplement, be sure to have your ferritin tested often. For faster results, take the supplement on an empty stomach with vitamin c or a drink with vit c in it but don't drink caffeine for at least an hour before or after you take it.

Good luck!

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