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So I had some more bloodwork and these are the results- my GI doctor ordered these and the WBC stuff seems to be on a different scale than my Campus Health Lab. Anemia was about the same but there was also some White Blood Cell stuff this time. Just listing stuff that was in the abnormal range
CO2- 32
BUN- 25
Creatinine- 1.6
Urine PH- 9
Calcium- 11
Potassium (low) 3.1
Random Glucose- 120

White Blood Cell Count- sorta high at 10.89 (lab lists 10.8 as normal)
Neutrphils high at 7.03
Monocytes high at 0.86
Eosinphils high 0.69
Basophils high at 0.021 (lists 0.02 as normal)
Immature Granulocytes high at 0.3 (0.2 norma)

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