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I'll be seeing my hematologist again in a week but the GI doc seems to have ruled everything out besides the esophigitis. Anyway I ended up at the doc's again recently and had more bloodwork done. Seems like my anemia hasn't improved at all and a few numbers got worse from the hematologist's bloodwork. I had two Iron IVs about three weeks ago. Is it normal to have numbers go down after the Iron IV? I know it takes awhile for full effect just seems weird to go down tho. I still feel really tired and crappy
RDW went from a 19% to 21.6%
HGB is 11.2
HCT is 35
MCH 25
Also I found it odd that my bloodwork said "Macrocystosis" present since previous work had indicated microcytes.

I do a have a bit of a cold right now but my Eospinhils have been raised on every bloodwork (this time 8.8%) and my monocytes were 9.8%, Lymph was low 18%. Also immature granuloyctes high at 0.03% again.

Also my calcium is up to 11.4%
CO2 is up to 33% (lab range is 22-30)
Creatinine is 1.45%
BUN was 21%
Urine PH was high at 8.5
Total Protein was high at 8.3 (range 6.4-8.2) I do take protein powder for the gym so I figure this might the cause of that

Anyone have any ideas. Im getting frustrated and feel like Im being an alarmist but I feel really crummy.

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