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Could you please describe to me what your dizziness/ off balance symptom feels like?
I have been having a lot of dizzy spells for quite a while. Some feel like Im going to faint more of a lightheaded feeling while others feel like when you are in an elevator and it stops and your brain sometimes takes a second to catch up. These come and go and are not a constant thing throughout my day.

I was diagnosed with Iron deficiency anemia a month ago and have been taking iron since. Iron serum, iron saturation, ferritin level, MCV, MCH were very low and RDW high. The dr said to take 325mg Ferrous sulfate 3x a day but they make me nauseous so Im only able to take 2. Im a bit less tired but haven't felt much improvement regarding the dizziness yet but I understand is too soon to tell. However, it makes me anxious to think that it might not be related to the anemia and might be another issue causing them. I guess Im just looking for some peace of mind!

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