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I'm beyond stressed after getting my labs back today :(

I've had low ferritin for a while now, about a year and a half. I'm tired and exhausted all the time. I don't have much energy. My hair has been thin for a while. I REALLY don't want to take iron supplements because of my severe anxiety. I can't handle the side effects of those considering those things (throwing up, diarrhea) are major fears of mine. And I really can't handle a bad/metallic taste in the mouth afterwards. That will make me panic and likely throw up. In addition, I can't swallow pills and the liquid iron stains your teeth and gives horrible side effects. I had read good things about a supplement called Nature's Plus chewable but I still don't know if I can handle it and I did read one review (out of tons of good ones) that said it tasted fine originally and then a little while later, they got the iron/metallic taste. It lasted for hours and they almost got sick. So I can't go through all that.

I've been trying to bring it up through food instead. My usual breakfast (if I'm not feeling nauseous) consists of about 75% iron. If I am feeling nauseous (I wake up feeling nauseous sometimes cause of my horrible sleep schedule) it's about 62%. I usually have pasta for dinner which has 10% iron per serving size and I usually have what appears to be 2 servings. So I've been trying. I don't have heavy periods either. They last for about 4 days and are moderate. Not super light and not heavy. I don't even have to change that often. I always take Advil too to help with cramps and slow down the flow (it really does work).

That's why I was incredibly confused and stressed when this happened.

On March 25, I had a ferritin of 7.7. My hgb was 14.1 (12.0-15.0) and my hct was 42.0% (35.0-49.0%).

I went to another doctor's office to get a second opinion. This was at the very beginning of July. My ferritin was 8.8 but I figured maybe it was a lab difference.

I just got my blood drawn again at the original doctor's office. The one where I got the 7.7 and here are my results:

Ferritin: 7.0
Hgb: 14.6 (12.0-15.0)
Hct: 42.2% (35.0-49.0%)

This makes NO sense whatsoever. I know that you can have a low ferritin while still having a normal hgb and hct and that your body will go for those next once it has no ferritin to take from but for my hgb and hct to actually INCREASE and for my ferritin to DECREASE despite all my hard work. It just makes no sense at all. I was expecting 10 for ferritin. I'm so stressed and I don't get it! :(

Idk if this makes a difference at all but at the 8.8 result lab they drew 1 1/2 vials versus at this lab they drew 3 vials (they did a CBC and were also testing thyroid). But that still seems like a small amount. Did the lab make a mistake?

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