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I just went to the doctor a week and a half ago because of new symptoms I have never experienced before (tingling in my head and hands, and sometimes pain in my arms and shoulders). The Dr I saw ran a bunch of blood tests, and I requested a ferritin test because I just KNEW my levels were low again. I have been dealing with this for 6 years now - since I lost tons of blood while giving birth. Its my own fault though - when my number starts climbing, I start feeling better and get a false sense of security and eventually stop taking my iron supplements.

Anyway, my ferritin is currently at an 8. Lowest it ever got was a 4 and that was in 2009 after giving birth to my daughter in December of 2008. But the symptoms I typically get are fatigue and dizziness. I have never had all this tingling before....ESPECIALLY NOT in my head, which has me very worried that something ELSE is going on. The Dr is sending me to a neurologist, but that appointment isn't until January 21st which is causing my health anxiety to rear its ugly head and worry about worst case scenarios like a brain tumor.

I started a slow-release iron supplement last Friday after getting my results back. I wish ferritin didn't take so long to get back to normal.

Has anyone else ever had weird tingling in their head because of iron issues???

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