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Hey yall im new here. although i have been a creeper and read through the forum, this is my first post. I start my first of 5 iron treatments today. My ferritin was an 8, globin of 11.2 and hematacrit 32 at my last visit about 3 weeks ago. I suspect these numbers will have dropped since then.

Here's my story-

I remember being anemic as a child and as a young adult. I took multivitamins and it didnt seem to be much of an issue.( although i had severe jointbpain as a child and still do) I was never able to give blood as a teenager because of this. Had my first child at 20 and of course was put on supplements. In 2004 i had a gastric bypass and had my second child in 2006. When she was about a year old i developed a butterfly rash on my face and went to get checked out. They thought i had lupus but my ANA was negative. Turns out my ferritin was a 1, globin was 9 and hamatacrit was 29. Sent to a hematologist where I started iv iron. It took about a year to grt my ferritin levels up. I was to have my iron checked every 6 months. After that i relocated and changed jobs and insurance and was looking for a PCP that would listen. Everytime i would just have supplements thrown at me while i tried to explain tha i dont absorb them. At the end of oct 2014 i started having migrains that were unbearable and nothing helped. I ended up being admitted for 3 days. All tests were negative except for my low blood counts. Was finally feferred to an internist who listened and im hoping to grt back on travk soon. I have been on medical leave from work since my hospital admission. It takes all i have just to fold laundry. I crave ice like a crazy person. Im getting so depressed that i dint want to leave my house even for church. Has anyone experienced depression with anemia? What about the buttrrfly rash? Should i get a second oppinion on ghe lupus diagnosis? When they hear gastric bypass they look no further forbthe source even thiugh im having terrible joint pain and other symptoms. Thanks for reading this long post. 😃

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