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Am new to this, just had full blood count as I recently passed out and was out for sometime and taken to hospital. Have been feeling super tired. My results are as follows. I have tried iron supplements before and have not tolerated them well. My GP doesn't seem bothered that my ferritin is 6. Have found breathing also difficult and often sleep until the afternoon. I would really like iron infusion as I work as cabin crew where the 'cabin' altitude is often around 7000ft in the cruise. I'm currently off work but want to feel energised. GP advised 'think' about taking a supplement again, rather than you need to take supplements!
Anyone else had similar results and actually had infusion/shots.

Ferritin 6 (6-204)
Haemoglobin 132 (115-155)
Platelet 213 (140-400)
Red blood count 4.74 (3.80-5.80)
Packed cell volume 0.41 (0.37-0.47)
MCV 87fl (83-101)
MCH 27.8 (27-32)
MCHC 318 (320-360)
Red blood cell width 12.5% (11.6-14.80%)
White cell count 5.1 (4-11)
Neutrophil count 3.2 (1.5-7.5)
Lymphocyte count 1.4 (1-3.5)
Monocytes count 0.4 (0.2-0.8)
Eosinophil count 0.0 (<0.40)
Basophils count 0.0 (<0.10)

5-HIAA 24 hr urine test 7 (9-46)

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