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Re: Iron via IV
Feb 2, 2015
I had my first 2 IV infusions in December. They 'resolved' my anemia. They are still monitoring my hemoglobin and ferrin monthly, but my ferrin went from 4-11 pretty quickly. I think I'm at 14 now. Supplements were causing me much worse side effects than the infusions did. I've only had the 2 though. Still need to see about things long-term.
Re: Iron via IV
Apr 8, 2015
My bloodwork has come back 'normal' for the last 3 months since my 2 infusions. They just checked the hemoglobin and hematocrit last week and not the Ferritin though. Honestly, as bad as it was before the infusions, I'm shocked that the two sessions really helped that much. My doctor had planned on having me repeat them monthly for a while. I have absorption issues that will be with me the rest of my life so it has been a pleasant surprise. I still haven't gotten my GI issues back to 'normal' since I started on all of the iron treatments though.

Ironically, I've had 2 unexpected surgeries since the end of January which haven't impacted my blood work results at all.

I continue to have labs done monthly so they are closely monitoring me. They are still monitoring my platelets and white blood counts which have remained elevated with no obvious reasons other than the anemia too.

I hope your infusions result in good news for you.

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