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Hello I have been experiencing joint swelling, wrist swelling and knee pain for the last year and a half or so. It's pretty random, but flare ups can last about a week or so and go away for awhile then surprise me again. I wasn't really getting answers and told my doctor I would really like to look into this. I am feeling very fatigued all the time with the swelling, and tend to get nothing done some weeks, except go to work. I fall behind on schoolwork a lot. Thus Me and my new family doctor did a bunch of tests to rule out inflammation related to arthritis and rheumatoid factors. Right now I am just waiting for my reference to get accepted to see this rheumatoid specialist.

We took my blood and my iron/ferritin test was 27, and she said it was rather low and would like to see it up near 70 for my other processes in my body to work properly, and ideally 110.

I am 5'4, 140lb (I could loose some weight, but I do run and bike)
However after some more research on the ferritin test to understand it better it looks like there's a lot of confusing info, so if you could look at mine and give me some clarity that would be great.

I purchased Floridix and vitamin b12 based on her recommendation from my local health food store as she didn't recommend her prescription as it can upset my stomac and give constipation issues. I also know to take calcium/vitamin c to enhance all these effects. Is there anything else that's recommended or should I just wait it out and see?

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