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I was diagnosed with low b12 in September last year. My levels were at 70. My Dr had me tested to see whether my body had stopped absorbing b12, or I was just low in it from my diet. It turned out I can absorb it but I was just low in b12 at that time for whatever reason. I had loading injections every other day for 2 weeks. Then I was put on b12 tablets for 3 months. After the initial loading injections I felt better, but then on the tablets deteriorated again. I was tested after the 3 months and my levels were normal this time. However I still felt awful, so my Dr has advised I have an injection every 3 months. But still they are making no difference. I don't have the energy to even get myself dressed in the morning. I have a 1 and 2 year old and I find life so hard with no energy at all. I really can't cope anymore, every aspect of my life is suffering but I don't understand why since my levels are normal now. Can anyone offer any insight? I'm so fed up now!
Hiya. Take in mind im not expert on this subject but I have been through myself and can only give you my opinion to what may help.
Like yourself I had very low B12 readings and for many years doctors game me injections and tablets on and off and It didn't really help.

To cut a very long story short, I now have them every 8 weeks and you need to have the Hydroxocobalamin injections or better still methylobalmin not the other cheap cyanocobalamin.
Also with this I take some tablets from a reputable manufacture, I cannot advertising them but other brands im sure will work but they must be methylobalmin and mine are 5000 micrograms. I take these first thing in the morning way befoe food so it gets into my system.

My readings for 4 years were under 200, now with the new injections and these tablets im now at 2000 !!! and I feel a whole lot better.

I hope this helps?

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