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[QUOTE=xbrandix;5346774]I am 20 years old, female, and 24 weeks pregnant. When I was about 6 weeks pregnant, I started losing clumps of hair and was always very weak and felt faint. I told my OB/GYN and she diagnosed me with iron deficiency anemia and hypothyroidism. My ferritin level came back as 6, TSH was 5.76, and free T4 was 1.02 (she did not test Free T3)- this was on November 11, 2014. I started taking Levothyroxine (25mcg) and Poly Iron Forte capsules (150mg) 2x a day, so 300mg of elemental iron everyday with orange juice to increase absorption.
December 22, 2014 Free T4 was 1.05, Free T3 was 3.42, TSH 3.37, and ferritin was 9.9. I was happy with the results because I didn't expect the ferritin to increase that much but was happy blood work was looking better. The doctor increased my levothyroxine to 50mcg.
January 29, 2015 Free T4 came back as 1.02, Free T3 3.24, TSH 4.84, and ferritin at 10. Those numbers really depressed me. Why did my TSH jump so high and why didn't my ferritin increase? The doctor increased the levothyroxine to 75mcg.
On February 12, I stopped taking Levothyroxine and switched to Armour Thyroid (60mg), hoping that it works better.

My questions to you guys are: Why isn't my ferritin going up? I expected it to be a little higher by now! And why is my thyroid not improving either? I am hoping the switch to Armour makes a big difference. My hair has always been really nice and super super thick and now, I have lost well over 80% of my hair. It is very very thin, my hair rains hair it falls out so much and the biggest thing is it breaks off all the time. It is so brittle and weak. I am so devastated by how my hair looks - I cry all the time about it and my doctor does not seem to care. Also, my hair on my legs has pretty much stopped growing as well. I used to have to shave every other day, now I can wait like two months.
Do you guys think my hair breakage/loss/not growing issue is due to thyroid or iron deficiency? I am also extremely worried that if my ferritin is only 10 right now, what is it going to be after I have this baby!?
Someone please help me. Thank you all very much.[/QUOTE]
Do not be worried......your hair will grow back!

My hemoglobin was 3.4 and my hair fell out for two and a half months. My problem was a bleeding ulcer which was easily taken care of with an antacid prescription capsule and ferrous gluc 324mg (iron tablets taken twice daily).

I also saw some information on line about taking two tablespoons of black strap (unsulphered) molasses (which I got from Amazon) daily. This contains 20 mg. of your daily iron requirement.

Here's the deal.....a healthy woman needs about 8 or 9 mg. of iron daily......and, if you have no health issues, you can get this amount from a normal diet. However, if one is suffering from internal bleeding (like an ulcer) or has just had a may need to boost your iron intake for a few months. Ferrous sulfate is more easily absorbed so ask your doctor to prescribe my doc did. You can purchase it on line on Amazon, but iron supplements should be ok'd by your doc.

I lost half of my hair, and within two and a half months (now) it is growing back with fury! I would look every night to see if little hairs were growing.....finally, by parting my wet hair with my palms and looking in the magnifying mirror....sure enough, the hairs were there.....and now, I can see them without any problem in my regular mirror. More importantly, the shedding is back to normal (for me this is about 100 hairs a day).

You WILL grow your hair back.....get on black strap molasses, and ask your doc for ferrous gluc 324mg.

Trust me, this is temporary......I know you are scared because so was I. No woman wants to lose her hair. I did purchase a $900 "topper" made of human hair that I wear in a ponytail. Nobody can tell because it is extremely lightweight and small, but it gives me the "boost" I need until I see full volume in a couple of months.

The entire diagnosis, shedding, and regrowth to begin took three can get back on track as well.

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