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Hi! A few years ago my doctor did a CBC and an Iron and TIBC test. The CBC was off in a way that indicated iron-deficiency anemia and my iron saturation was 7%. We tried pills - up to 3 a day - and saw no change. They finally did 3 iron infusions over 6 weeks (every two weeks). My CBC improved to normal in almost all areas and my iron saturation went up to 12%, which is still low but better than 7%!

They're not sure why I'm anemic - I have a short period and a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy showed no issues. I'm clearly not absorbing iron through my GI tract but the infusions seem to work fine.

I just had a CBC done again, though, since my hair is falling out and I have the headaches, etc. again. The numbers are worse than they were when I had the infusions, but I no longer see the doctor who prescribed them, and my other doctors won't prescribe them since it's not their area. I called the hematology department at the hospital they're all through, and I see a hemtaologist tomorrow.

I've printed off all of my lab results for him, from the time around when I got the infusions before, but I'm wondering if it would be silly to suggest to him that we set up a schedule of iron infusions? It looks like by the 6 month mark, the infusions were "wearing off" and by a year, my numbers were awful again. I'm thinking regular infusions might help get my iron saturation to a good number and I'd get my hair back!

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