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Hi, I'm posting this to see if any of these symptoms sound like iron defenciency anemia symptoms. Little long, so bear with me. My wife was sick with what seemed like a cold and had lost her voice and was very hoarse. For almost a month she's been congested and hoarse. She went to a clinic on a Friday and they thought she had a virus but the dr ther ran some blood work to check on something else. Sunday they called and advised her to goto the ER because her hemoglobin was 8.6 and she was anemic. I took her, they checked her blood again, plus did a rectal and urine bleeding test. All good except her hemoglobin was 8.2. We went the following friday to our regular dr who did a complete blood and urine analysis. She had a uti which he gave her antibiotics for, it's almost gone and with exception of all her blood work being good..he found she is anemic with pretty low iron. Her hemoglobin was in the 9s so that's good. He has her on iron pills but hey are making her sick, so when he comes back Tuesday she is going to see about taking shots. Her symptoms for the past 6 months have been fatigue and she eats ice like crazy! For the past month she's had this hoarse voice and it just worries me. Is that a normal thing? Our reg dr wants her to get her throat checked to be on safe side, but I thought I read iron def anemia could cause this?? Anyone else experience this?

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